What to Wear


Less is more with new arrivals. They photograph beautifully all bundled up or slightly wrapped in blankets. You don’t need to bring anything for your little one to wear. For parents I recommend wearing grey, white or beige or another neutral light coloured top. Textures, lace and layers work well to create interest in an image. Please also bring a black top.

Pregnant ladies

I love to show off the pregnant form and to use perfect lighting to flatter any woman during this incredibly exciting time. A nice set of lingerie or a flowy skirt with a boob tube always looks beautiful. Tight-fitted dresses are great too and I have some amazing fabrics in the studio. During your pre-consultation we will have a chat about your comfort level in terms of poses and showing skin and from there we’ll discuss what clothing will work the best for your session. Please note that, if you wish, stretchmarks can be removed or toned down and skin is always slightly smoothed in post-processing.