What to Expect

With each baby so very unique and every family so completely different, the investment you make with Minna Burgess Photography is always completely tailored around capturing your specific story. Having photographed, settled and comforted hundreds of newborns you can be sure that I will read the signs of your precious little one and work around their needs for security, warmth and love. It is such a privilege to observe and translate each baby’s magnificent uniqueness into pieces of art that speak so profoundly of who they are even at this very early age. To carry my creative vision through for each image I spend many hours in digital post-processing perfecting every little detail and working on each image individually. I always go that extra mile to ensure you get the high-end, polished result that you would expect to receive from such a significant investment.


Photographing newborns is one of my biggest joys. I simply adore them and can’t get enough of capturing everything from their squishy, innocent little bodies to their tiny, curled up fingers and toes. I would love to help you and your family remember this short and wonderful time by creating beautiful images to look back on again and again. Newborns are sleepiest and much easier to pose for photographs in the first 2 weeks of life. For that reason I recommend booking the session while you’re still pregnant, your session appointment will be moved if you give birth early or late to ensure that the session takes place within those first 2 weeks of bub’s life. Sessions are extremely relaxed with plenty of time to feed and settle your baby, I never schedule more than one newborn session in a day so you can be sure that there is no stress or time constraints. A newborn session usually takes around 2 hours.


I suggest we arrange your maternity session for around 32-36 weeks into your pregnancy.


I suggest choosing 2-3 colour tones and mixing it up between the family members. For example, for a beach session I’d recommend white, blue/aqua and beige tones. Avoid t-shirts with prints and writing, as well as wearing clashing patterns. If everyone is wearing solid colour clothing then one person can wear clothing with patterns to break it up, or you could use a scarf or accessories for this purpose. For sessions in a forest setting I suggest choosing between brown, white, beige, blue, yellow, orange and green.