Remembering the newborn stage – Brisbane Baby Photography

There is something truly magical about natural newborn photography. Simplistic, neutral set-ups and colour tones allow us to really get drawn in by the beautiful tiny human being in front of us and focus all of our attention on their gorgeous little details. Their beauty is astounding to me and when captured without distracting props it becomes artwork in and of itself.

There really is nothing more perfect than a brand new baby. Their smell, their dark soulful eyes, their tiny finger nails. It all fits so perfectly and makes us stare in awe at them as we try to grasp how we possibly could have created something so flawless. We want to remember it all and the experience is so all consuming that we feel, with absolute certainty, that we will never forget a single thing. The reality is that it is such a short, fleeting time. And we do forget. We forget because we fall in love every single day with each new emerging detail. The little rolls of chubbiness on their thighs and back that make us feel proud because we are doing a great job at nurturing them. Their eyes that slowly start to change colour and resemble ours or a family member’s. Their smiles that now come as a result of us interacting with them. All of a sudden they roll, their first tooth breaks through, they pull those little knees up under themselves and you know crawling is not far off.

You don’t even realise that you no longer have your newborn, simply because you are too busy loving the gorgeous growing baby in your arms. You don’t know you are forgetting until you flick through your mobile phone snap shots, or your point & shoot camera, and two black soulful eyes stare back at you from the screen! In that moment it feels like a deep cellular memory has been been reactivated, and though you can’t quite believe your baby was ever that tiny, you feel it in your body. The image evokes the love, the worry, the overwhelming sense of protection and pride that you felt when you held your newborn in those first, precious days. That one image brought it all back. The power of photography is incredible like that. It can transport you back in time and bring forward deep emotions that would otherwise be almost impossible to access again.

Imagine having professional images with such definition that you feel you can almost reach out and touch your newborn again. Picture those perfect little details captured up close, and those gorgeous newborn eyes staring right at you with intense clarity. When I feel truly connected to an image there is usually nothing else that pulls me in but the beauty and personality of the subject. It is their gorgeous features and expressions that tell the story of who they are at that time in their lives. Props distract from this. No matter what photographer you choose to capture the newborn stage, I urge you to remember that, one day you will be looking at your photographs and your eyes will scan the picture for the parts you miss the most about your newborn baby. The props that seemed so cute become a dated element that holds no real value. Get a few of those adorable shots, definitely. But if you would like to end up with a series of images, that really bring back the magic of the first couple of weeks, then I cannot recommend enough that you go with set-ups where the focus is purely on your baby. The simplicity of this type of newborn photography creates a wonderful timeless feel, and takes you on a journey back to a time that you’ll no doubt feel went by way too quickly.





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